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Traveling... England | Literature and Art Festival Kazantzakis Museum

“A tremendous joy and a tremendous agony. And when my own spirit first came in contact with England, it was pinioned to her soil like a spear. What is the way to master a country? There is but one way: by discovering its meaning. So let us try to discover the meaning of England”. Nikos Kazantzakis, Cretan writer and novelist.

Kazantzakis Museum | 12-16 July 2017



CRETAquarium is one of the attractions welcoming many visitors and creating a multitude of incentives for all ages and nationalities. The Aquarium, which has been operating since 2005 and welcoming visitors 365 days a year, features among the largest and most modern aquariums in Europe. 

      It is located in the former American Military Base in the area of Gournes –Heraklion; together with the building complexes housing the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) Institutes in Crete, they constitute THALASSOKOSMOS (“SEAWORLD”), the largest center of marine science and promotion of the Mediterranean maritime world in the Mediterranean. Today, it counts 2,500 organisms that correspond to about 200 species housed in 61 tanks of various sizes with a total volume of 1,800,000 liters of seawater. Thus, visitors have access to100 different observation points and an almost two-hour enjoyable tour. HCMR is an organization that conducts experimental marine research, treats endangered and protected species and carries out studies on them, in addition to showcasing organisms that dwell the Mediterranean Sea in their exhibition facilities. Furthermore, along its 15-year course, CRETAquarium has been renovated, with the addition of new fish tanks and marine species and the implementation of innovative educational programs and services.

It is worth noting that CRETAquarium aims at a meaningful and easy communication with its visitors, through audio tours (available in 9 languages) and their remarkable accessibility. Moreover, it also cares for the visitors’ entertainment. Therefore, it offers the opportunity for groups or individuals to organize various events and it makes interactive applications available to adults and children. In addition, other services offered by CRETAquarium include free internet browsing and a restaurant. 

The inexhaustible wealth of CRETAquarium can be explored through the “KARTAquarium” membership card with many privileges and benefits for members, such as free access to the Aquarium for an entire year.

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